Must-Have features in a kitchen knife!

You might be wondering which those must-have features are that should be seen in a kitchen knife, here you can check out that! There are obvious features, traits and properties that should not at all be neglected when buying kitchen Damascus knives. So, let us jump on the details:

Feature 1- Sharp Pointed Tip

Most importantly, have those Damascus kitchen knives that carry sharp pointed tips at their end. Though you may have seen lots of knives that come with angled and rounded tips! Furthermore, a few of the kitchen knives have hooked and straight cut flat tips. But it is always recommended to have a kitchen knife that is injected with a sharp pointed tip. We can give you lots of compelling reasons why a kitchen knife should have a sharp pointed tip, here you can see the details.

Advantages offered by sharp pointed tip knives

First of all, such knives offer a great amount of self-defense. In addition, knives having a sharp spear point tip do not compromise and affect your ability to thrust or stab. Moreover, if you use a spear point knife, then you are allowed to carry it as a hunting weapon as well. All in all, a sharp knife point helps you perform and accomplish all kinds of tasks. To put in the simplest terms, a sharp pointed tip knife aids you do detailed prying as well as picking. This kind of knife helps you clean and dress a small game. Such knives are proficient in doing drilling and notching and even repairing gears.

Feature 2- Single edged blade and flat ground spine

Next, it is a must for you to have the knife that is officially accompanied by single edged blades and also flat ground spines. Make sure to avoid buying a knife that comes with a double-edged blade or dagger style blade. Having a double-edged blade is not at all important for survival uses. Even if you have a single edged blade, then that is enough for you. In addition, doubled edged blades may turn out to be a disadvantage for you. On the other hand, a flat ground spine is suitable and highly ideal when it comes to striking a fire.

Feature 3- Solid Pommel

  • Keep in mind that pommel is the very bottom section of your knife’s handle. You can even call it as butt. Besides, it is suggested to look for the knife that carries a solid pommel so that you can perform your hammering and light duty pounding tasks with ease. Hence, it is seen that a well-designed as well as substantial pommel enhance your knife capability.
  • We are sure that now you have come to know which features carry more power and significance when buying a knife! It is advised to use the above 6 criteria whenever you are choosing a potential looking survival knife. Just take it as a benchmark and you are good to go!
  • Apart from considering these features, it all comes down to your personal taste level that what kind of knife you want to have! These days, you can come across with countless number of knife styling options.
  • We can again give you this general glimpse and basic information that a knife should have a good-quality blade injected on it. Its blade steel can either be of carbon or embossed with stainless steel. There are varying options that you can come across with. On the other hand, the handle material should be made of rubber or bone or antler.

And always be very careful when considering sheath design and style and even knife designer and manufacturing brand. Decide beforehand whether you want to have a knife with finger guards or without finger guards. Stay connected to get more updates.